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Through dedicated Validation Advisors we will form your initial claim assessment ensuring we find you the best Administration Company that suits your specific needs. This is usually based on precedent and comparison and identifying the company with the best track record and success rate on your particular claim and who have already submitted the evidence that led to successful claims with the company that you are claiming against. This will give you a very good head start on the road to a successful claim and will speed the process up ensuring that your payout will be quick and efficient.
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As a broker we assist with completing the initial assessment and at times collating the necessary documents and information required to support your claim. We take the complexity out of an otherwise overwhelming process, guiding you, the client in the right direction.  We introduce you to an Administration Company who partner with SRA licensed solicitors, we will handle all initial communication so that you can get on with your day. As a broker we are the experts and we will ensure you get the best outcome from your initial consultation.

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We as a broker are experienced professionals who understands the ins and outs of the claims industry and process.

We will support you by completing the initial assessment and where need collating the necessary documents and information that may be required to help you pursue a claim. Submitting a claim on your own can be very daunting and it’s not for everyone; we’re here to guide you along the correct path and make sure you get the best result possible.  We will partner you with an Administration Company, we will handle all initial communication removing all the stress from the process. As a broker we are the experts and we will ensure you get the best service possible from your Administration Company.

We have worked hard to ensure we have strong relationships with the Administration Companies and their Client Liaison Managers, meaning we can ensure we partner you with right  company to achieve an effective and thorough claim solution.

Because we work daily with Administration Companies, we have developed strong working relationships with them. This enables us to come to the resolution you deserve. We ensure that your initial assessment is presented to the Administration Company in a clear and legible way to assist in them providing you with their support. To do this, the we make sure that the Administration Company has everything they need to say YES to facilitating your claim and so that we know with a high level of confidence that they can support you.

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